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 About the composer

Gottfried von Einem was born in Bern on January 24 1918 as the son of the diplomat William von Einem, who had been stationed in Switzerland since 1914 as military attaché to the Austrian Embassy. Gottfried’s mother, Gertha Louise, was descended from the house of Baron Riess von Scheuernschloss, an officers’ family from Kassel. It was not until the age of about 20 that Gottfried was informed of the identity of his biological father, Count Laszlo Hunyady…


Gottfried von Einem Private Music Foundation

… is dedicated to making known the music of the great Austrian composer Gottfried von Einem (1918–1996). This homepage provides an insight into the life and work of one of the most successful, most idiosyncratic and most difficult to classify creative musicians of the past 20th century. The extraordinary body of work left by Gottfried von Einem is a piece of Austrian cultural identity that needs to be documented and made known to future generations.