For the first time a competition for the interpretation of contemporary music was held in cooperation of MUK , the Private Music and Art University of the City of Vienna, and the Gottfried von Einem Private Music Foundation.

The Gottfried von Einem Prize was awarded the Austrian clarinetist Paul Moosbrugger

Paul Moosbrugger: born 2002 in Dornbirn, Austria , first clarinet lessons at age 7 . studies with Martin Schelling, after 2016 at the Landeskonservatorium Vorarlberg in Feldkirch with Prof. Francesco Negrini, since 2019 at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna mdw with Prof. Christoph Moser . master classes with Sabine Meyer, Reiner Wehle, Francois Benda, Alexander Neubauer, Johann Hindler, Christoph Zimper, Reinhard Wieser etc. . numerous first prizes and special awards in national and international competitions . with “Trio Mélange” (oboe, clarinet, bassoon) concerts at the Lockenhaus Festival (Austria) as well as in Oslo, Norway . 2021 concert at Wiener Konzerthaus as winner of WSY talent competition of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra . 2022 concert at Musikverein Vienna “Beyond Talent – Best of mdw Artists”

Austria / Vienna / MUK / Gottfried von Einem Preis

Mihajlo Durdevic . Rosemarie Brucher . Ka Mei Wu . Arno Steinwider . Paul Moosbrugger . Désirée Hornek . Sebastian Neulinger

Photographs: Rudi Fröse