With great joy the international prize winners received their Gottfried von Einem Awards at the prize winners‘ concert of the World Peace Choral Festival in the Viennese concert hall MuTh on 23rd July, 2015. The president of the Gottfried von Einem Music Foundation, Prof. Walter Blovsky, personally handed over awards in the categories „Children‘s Choir I“, Children’s Choir II“ und „Youth Choir” to:
The Golden Sail Choir of Beijing Shijia Primary School, China (I/Gold & special prize best chinese presentation)
The Golden Sail Choir of Beijing Dengshikou Primary School, China (I/Gold & best conductor Ms. Wang Na)
The Golden Phoenix Choir of Henan Experimental Primary School, China (I/Silver & best conductor Mr. Zhao Lei)
Seven Colour Chorus of Jiefang Road Primary School, China (I/Bronze)
Children’s Choir of Choral Studio Ellerhein, Estonia (II/Gold & best modern composition & best young conductor Ms. Teele Utt)
Children´s Choir of Musamari Choral School, Estonia (II/Silber)
Yonat Youth Choir, Campus Kyriat Sharet, Holon, Israel (Youth/Bronze & best composition)